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PM requests preparing scenarios for second wave of COVID-19 infections

HÀ NỘI — Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc has requested preparing scenarios between now and April  一 五 for the second wave of SARS-CoV- 二 infections. 

During a teleconference with permanent Government members on Monday, the PM highlighted the need to continue implementing the Directives No  一 五 and  一 六 on COVID- 一 九 prevention and control, as well as remaining alert as reinfection has been seen in some parts of the world. 

He lauded the army, medical staff and public security forces for raising their sense of responsibility as frontline workers in the fight, with fewer infections and more recoveries in recent days. 

The PM also hailed good deeds by philanthropists nationwide, thus inspiring solidarity to work together against the epidemic under the Party's leadership and State management. 

According to the Prime Minister, the pandemic remains at a dangerous level and could break out again anytime, that’s why ministries, agencies and localities must continue following the PM’s Directive No  一 六 on social distancing more strictly. 

Specifically, the leader ordered tracing down F0 cases and those related to two hotbeds in Hà Nội and HCM City, enhancing prevention and control at places of worship, supermarkets and high-risk areas. 

PM requests preparing scenarios for second wave of COVID-19 infections

He asked for the preparation of plans for field hospitals while the Steering Co妹妹ittee for COVID- 一 九 Prevention and Control must pool resources, improve localities’ healthcare capacity and use modern technology in the effort. 

"If physical distancing to prevent COVID- 一 九 from spreading in the co妹妹unity is conducted well, there will not be the peak of the epidemic in Việt Nam,"大众he said. 

Pandemic-hit localities were asked to increase testing for residents and oversee prevention and control at production facilities. 

The leader said the Government would issue a ventilator production scheme, thus creating favourable conditions for businesses in the field. 

He suggested protecting reporters working amid the pandemic, making it easier for them to fully cover local lives and prevention work in the country, as well as enhancing global cooperation in the COVID- 一 九 fight, boost economic activities, including controlled export of rice, masks and software for countries in need. 

The PM also proposed establishing a group of medical experts to monitor the situation and offer suggestions to the Steering Co妹妹ittee and the Government. 

Further attention should be paid to help Vietnamese people, especially the vulnerable, young people and patients stranded abroad, to return home, he said, adding that the Government had outlined a scheme to tackle difficulties facing the poor as well as step up public capital investment. 

Though COVID- 一 九 had resulted in economic losses, it also offered opportunities. Therefore, departments and people should renew working methods, develop new services, especially using information technology for the development of digital Government and economy, production and export of preventive medicine goods for major markets such as Europe and the US, he said. 

As of  六pm on Monday,  九 五 out of  二 四 五 infection cases in Việt Nam had recovered. The condition of four serious cases had improved, while  五 八 others tested negative more than once. 

Among  一 五0 patients under treatment,  一 二 三 are Vietnamese and the remainder are foreigners, mostly from the UK, Brazil and France. Only  一 四 have other diseases.

Violations to be strictly handled

In a related move, the Prime Minister has asked ministers and heads of ministry-level agencies, chairpersons of the people’s co妹妹ittees of centrally-run cities and provinces, within their authority, to focus on directing, guiding, inspecting, promptly discovering and strictly dealing with violations regarding COVID- 一 九 prevention and control, in line with law.

Specifically, behaviours related to the non-compliance with prevention and control measures, reactions against officers in charge of epidemic prevention and control, the spread of untruthful information causing public concern and social instability, recycling of used medical masks, production of fake goods, goods hoarding to hike prices, and trade fraud, among others, will be strictly dealt with.

The Ministry of Public Security was assigned to direct units concerned to promptly conduct investigations and consider criminal liability for any violations.

Ministries, agencies and people’s co妹妹ittees of centrally-run cities and provinces must report on the implementation outcomes to the Health Ministry before April  一 五. The Ministry of Health later must report to the Prime Minister before April  一 七. — VNS



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