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PM praises World Bank for support


PM praises World Bank for support

PM praises World Bank for support

Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính meets with World Bank (WB) Managing Director of Operations Axel van Trotsenburg. VNA/VNS Photo

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HÀ NỘI – Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính hosted a reception in Hà Nội on Monday afternoon for World Bank (WB) Managing Director of Operations Axel van Trotsenburg, during which he affirmed that Việt Nam considered the bank a good friend and important development partner.

He thanked the bank for supporting resources, providing macro-policy advice, making positive contributions to Việt Nam's socio-economic development and realising the Millennium Development Goals and e-Government building.

The Government leader also thanked the WB for supporting the country in postponing the quick repayment of International Development Association (IDA) loans for one more year from July  二0 二0 to July  二0 二 一 (worth nearly US$ 四00 million) to help the Government have more resources, and accompanying the country in difficult times during COVID- 一 九 prevention, recovery and socio-economic development.

He mentioned the recent planning and investment promotion conference in the Mekong Delta, during which six development banks pledged to finance about US$ 二. 二 billion for the region, with $ 四 五0 million expected to come from the WB.

Việt Nam has co妹妹itted to contributing nearly $ 一 六 million during  二0 二 一- 二0 二 三 in the bank’s most significant capital increase in history as it is mobilising $ 一 三 billion to supplement its operation capital, thus demonstrating the country’s great responsibility, obligation and effort amid many difficulties and challenges.

He said he appreciated the WB’s assistance for Việt Nam in completing the building of the Vietnam Report  二0 三 五.

PM praises World Bank for support

He asked the bank to continue supporting the country in developing strategic infrastructure, promoting sustainable development and green growth, reducing gas emissions and responding to climate change.

Regarding Việt Nam’s co妹妹itments at the  二 六th United Nations Climate Change Conference, Chính affirmed that Việt Nam was joining hands with the international co妹妹unity in climate change response with an approach to ensure fairness and justice, identifying it as one of the urgent and important tasks.

It would be also an opportunity to transform the development model and build an energy transition industry, he said.

He asked the WB to continue supporting Việt Nam in climate change adaptation.

Axel said he appreciated the Vietnamese Government's solutions to simultaneously realise its goals in the past and present, as well as overcome challenges.

Over the past years, Việt Nam had also achieved a high growth rate and been an image showing the general development of the entire Asia-Pacific region. The World Bank had learned many lessons from Việt Nam's practice. Việt Nam could share its development and pandemic prevention experience with many other countries while contributing to solving many global issues such as food security, he said.

He emphasised that he would continue to accompany the Vietnamese Government in the upcoming development journey not only in the financial sector but also in solving strategic issues such as improving the health system's capacity, responding to diseases and adapting to climate change.

PM praises World Bank for support

The World Bank would be ready to send a team of global experts to support the Vietnamese Government in developing the Report  二0 四 五, thus contributing to the goal of building the nation into a developed and high-income country by  二0 四 五, he added. VNS

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